something affects wg iface - how to troubleshoot ?

lejeczek peljasz at
Thu May 26 10:36:37 UTC 2022

Hi guys.

I have quite a peculiar case which possibly might interest 
anybody - as oppose to just resolving an issue.
I use a very popular monitoring tool 'monit' to monit my wg0 
iface and that works okey, meaning 'monit' does not see any 
issue with wg0, but _only_ if 'qbittorrent' is _not_ running!
When 'qbittorrent' is running 'monit' is reporting:

'wg0' 5 upload errors detected
'wg0' trying to restart
'wg0' stop: '/usr/bin/systemctl stop wg-quick at wg0.service'
'wg0' start: '/usr/bin/systemctl start wg-quick at wg0.service'
'wg0' download errors check succeeded

in my case monit's action is to restart wg0 iface.
'qbittorrent' is not, should not be, particularly interested 
in wg0 iface.

What do you think is happening there? I'm on Centos 9. Is 
some kind of leakage or something more sinister happening there?
Lastly, how to investigate this, how to tell what is 
happening to wg iface?

many thanks, L.

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