How to optimize AllowedIPs "overlapping" routes?

Johnny Utahh at
Sun Apr 16 15:06:45 UTC 2023

1. wg0.conf: AllowedIPs =, ::0/0 --> higher-latency network
2. wg1.conf: AllowedIPs =   --> much-lower-latency network

When enabling both of the devices/.conf's (listed as 1. and 2. above) 
concurrently, the #2 route travels over #1 (all starting up via 
'wg-quick'). In this scenario I'd prefer #2 routing "bypasses" #1 and 
retain its (#2's) lower-latency path/network. Can this be done, somehow?

I deduce the "route" for #2 changes when concurrently-enabling #1 
because the #2-ping-latency immediately and dramatically increases to 
match #1-network's latency (and immediately reverts to #2's lower 
latency when #1 is disabled). This hurts my #2 network, badly.

I'm running/testing the above on macOS v12.6.3 build 21G419, 
wireguard-go v0.0.20230223. If not on macOS, might this be feasible on 
Fedora or Ubuntu?

I realize this might be a FAQ. I could not find any docs/resources to 
help after a brief search, so I'm posting here.

[I'm not a networking expert, so I may be butchering various 
terminology, concepts. I apologize in advance for my ignorance.]


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