[PATCH] treewide: drop CONFIG_EMBEDDED

Christophe Leroy christophe.leroy at csgroup.eu
Sat Aug 19 08:53:25 UTC 2023


Le 19/08/2023 à 05:33, Jesse T a écrit :
>>>> Should there be a warning here to update change it instead of removal?
>>> kconfig doesn't have a warning mechanism AFAIK.
>>> Do you have an idea of how this would work?
> No, unfortunately. As you said without a warning it would be overlooked so
> a change would not be necessary.
> A possible solution is to check in a header file with:
> #warning "CONFIG_EMBEDDED has changed to CONFIG_EXPERT"
> #endif
> Does anyone else have an opinion on this?

My opinion is that has happen several times in the past and will happen 
again. It is not a big deal, whoever updates to a new kernel will make a 
savedefconfig and compare with previous defconfig and see what has 
changed. Once you see that CONFIG_EMBEDDED is disappearing you look at 
kernel history to find out why CONFIG_EMBEDDED disappears, and you 
understand from the commit message that you have to select CONFIG_EXPERT 

A couple examples I have in mind from the past:

> Since kconfig doesn't have a warning mechanism the patch seems fine as is.

So yes the patch is fine as is IMHO.


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