Xcode 15 wireguard-apple build errors

Daniel Lazarenko danielo at opera.com
Mon Aug 7 08:15:44 UTC 2023

Hello. We're using wireguard-apple for an iOS app. We're using this
library in production, it works as expected built with Xcode 14.3, but
we'd like to start testing the app on Xcode 15 to look for potential
breakage before iOS 17 goes live.

With the latest Xcode 15 beta 5, linking WireGuardKitGo library to the
WireGuard Network Extension target produces an error:

Initializer pointer must point to start of function (no addend) in

and a warning:

has malformed LC_DYSYMTAB, expected 61 undefined symbols to start at
index 4624, found 73 undefined symbols starting at index 15

Is it a known issue? Are there any existing fixes or clues to help
fixing the problem?

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