Bug connecting in iOS / macOS client when using the WG UI to connect

Andrew Berry andrew at furrypaws.ca
Thu Aug 24 12:41:31 UTC 2023

Are there any known issues using the toggle in the Wireguard app to connect, versus the toggle in the Settings app?

I've been having trouble connecting to an OPNSesnse-hosted Wireguard VPN. Symptoms are:

  - No handshakes
  - No data going across the tunnel
  - Except sometimes, there are handshakes, but there is a huge amount of data shown in the counters way beyond what is possible, and no actual traffic works

If I reconnect enough times, eventually it works fine.

I posted about this on the OPNSense forums, and another user mentioned seeing this and that starting the VPN via Settings always worked. The same workaround seems to fix it for me too:


While at first I thought this was an issue with the FreeBSD port of Wireguard, now I wonder if this is just an Apple client issue or an issue between the Apple client and the FreeBSD port.

Has anyone else seen the same behaviour? Any suggestions on ways to get useful information for debugging?


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