Wireguard not working in conjunction with G Data Firewall

Norbert Schmidt norbert at schmueller.de
Tue Dec 19 13:12:27 UTC 2023


I've had problems using the Wireguard Client 0.5.3 on a Windows 10 with 
G Data Total Security installed. The connection is working. A ping to a 
remote host is working too, sometimes a SMB connection works but HTTP or 
HTTPS traffic is not coming through.

I wrote to the G Data support an received this answer which I would like 
to share with you (translated):

     "There are fundamental incompatibilities between the G DATA 
Firewall and the use of the WireGuard VPN protocol. We believe this is 
due to the initialization of the WireGuard connection parameters.

     As a workaround, it should be possible to temporarily disable the 
firewall, then establish the VPN connection, and then re-enable the 

I then asked for a fix and got the following reply:

"We understand your reaction, but the functionality you are referring to 
is not a frequently requested change and the required modifications 
would be extensive."

I believe this functionality is frequently needed but if G Data is not 
willing to change something, maybe the problem can be fixed on the 
wireguard client side...

Best regards

Norbert Schmidt

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