Source IP incorrect on multi homed systems

Nico Schottelius nico.schottelius at
Sun Feb 19 12:13:58 UTC 2023

Hey Sebastian,

Sebastian Hyrwall <sh at> writes:

> It is kinda. It's been mentioned multiple times over the years but no one seems to want to fix it. Atleast you should be able to specify bind/src ip in the
> config. I gave up WG because of it. Wasn't accepted by my projects security policy since src ip could not be configured.
> There is an unofficial patch however,

the binding is somewhat related to this issue and I was looking for that
feature some time ago, too. While it is correlated and I would really
appreciate binding support, I am not sure whether the linked patch does
actually fix the problem I am seeing in multi homed devices.

As long as wireguard does not reply with the same IP address it was
contacted with, packets will get dropped on stateful firewalls, because
the returning packet does not match the state session database.

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