Source IP incorrect on multi homed systems

Nico Schottelius nico.schottelius at
Sun Feb 19 20:02:38 UTC 2023

Hello Christoph,

Christoph Loesch <wireguard-mail at> writes:
> @Nico: did you try to delete the affected route and add it again with the correct source IP ?

No, I did not because the routes are really dynamic on the affected
systems and I would need to overwrite the BGP routes with a better
metric, which in turn will likely break the return path.

> as I mentioned it in
> ip route del <NET>
> ip route add <NET> dev <ALIAS_DEV> src <SRC_IP>
> This way I was able to (at least temporary) fix this issue on multi homed systems.

Much appreciate the hint. However changing routes manually on as many
routers/vpn endpoints as we have is not a practical solution. To fix the
current project's issue we have shifted the VPN endpoint to a single
homed device for the moment.

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