ip netns del zaps wg link

Harry G Coin hgcoin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 20:29:25 UTC 2023

On 7/14/23 23:48, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> 15.07.2023 00:48, Harry G Coin wrote:
> ..
>> [] allowing wireguard interfaces to behave like all other interfaces 
>> when a namespace is destroyed  (moving back to the namespace where it 
>> was born and to which it retains connection anyhow) 
> The thing is that all interface types behave like this when a network 
> namespace is removed:
> they're destroyed together with the namespace.  All which can be 
> deleted anyway, for which
> an `ip link del' command works, - like, physical NICs are the only 
> exception here b/c you
> can't remove a physical NIC from a physical machine this way.
> So in this context, wg interfaces are *already* behaving like all 
> other virtual interfaces,
> and this is done by linux network/namespace subsystem, not by wireguard.
> /mjt

Oh dear.    It sure makes more sense to me for anything called 'an 
interface' to move in the same fashion as any other.  Having to 'just 
know' which ones will 'remain' and which ones will 'go away and need to 
be entirely reconfigured all the time' seems more than the security need 
calls for.  Just setting the link down when the netns goes away would be 
better, I can decide when, whether and how to create and destroy 
interfaces.   Or at least an option to 'treat all links the same when 
the netns goes away' somehow.

Off soap box now!

Thanks for the comments.

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