Bugs in MacOS client: Infinite reconnect when using on-demand and switching user; missing reconnect feature

Erik Schulz erikschulz184 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 18:43:06 UTC 2023

I'm using the MacOS App Store client,
App version: 1.0.16 (27)
Go backend version: 1e2c3e5a

I use multiple users and switch between them.

When logged in as user A, which has the tunnel set up, and Wireguard running,
when switching to user B, Wireguard disconnects the tunnel.
As user B, trying to switch on the tunnel in Settings > VPN, fails.
I'm guessing this is unavoidable, and a security feature of the OS,
but if not, it would be nice to have a configuration option to allow
the tunnel to continue to operate.

when having "On-Demand" enabled for ethernet and wifi,
When switching to user B, the Settings > VPN seems to be in an
infinite loop, switching on/off. I'm guessing that Wireguard (running
in user A) is trying to establish the tunnel, but failing. I'm
guessing that there is a bug in the retry/wait logic for On-Demand.
This causes high cpu load.
This means that I'm unable to use "On-Demand".

Instead of On-Demand, it would be nice to automatically reconnect when
switching back to user A.
Currently I have to enable it manually each time I switch to user A.
Could the app remember that the connection was active before user
switch, and when switching back, automatically reconnect?


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