Wireguard address binding - how to fix?

Nico Schottelius nico.schottelius at ungleich.ch
Tue May 21 12:58:40 UTC 2024

Hello Janne,

Janne Johansson <icepic.dz at gmail.com> writes:

> Den tis 21 maj 2024 kl 09:50 skrev Nico Schottelius
> <nico.schottelius at ungleich.ch>:
>> Hello Jason,
>> do you mind applying the patch from Daniel? Or is there anything wrong with it?
>> Daniel: amazing work, I was not aware that you have already put in the
>> hard work, thank you so very much!
>> The world (*) is suffering because of the lack of IP address binding in wireguard.
>> (*) With world I refer to every engineer that needs to run wireguard in
>> non-trivial situations with multiple IP addresses on one host, which is
>> extremely common for anything that routes.
> Well, the main reason for wg to NOT do anything special is because
> routing generally is done by looking at the destination ip and then

No. Generally speaking that is incorrect.
It is not special to reply with the same IP address.

Generally speaking, when you have systems with multiple IP addresses you
want to be able to steer the binding to an IP address. And even if you
don't do that, you reply with the same IP address you have been
contacted with. Wireguard does neither of it at the moment.  I have
written this already many times on this list, but the reason is very

- A connection is initiated from device A, connecting to router B on IP adddress a.b.c.d
- The packet is correctly received by router B
- The router replies incorrectly with address f.d.g.h
- The reply packet is correctly blocked at the firewall of device A, because it comes
  from a random, unknown IP address

This is the basic 101 of networking is to reply with the same address
you have been contacted with, there is no discussion necessary. The
whole world does it, even A-patch-y httpd (*) supports it. Since 1980 or

Routing choices are independent of that, replying with the same IP
address is a standard behaviour.


(*) As does ssh, nginx, ipsec protocols, openvpn, any rails application,
any python application - I am not sure which software that binds to a
socket does not support it, with the exception of wireguard.

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