REQUEST: better install support/documentation

Ryan Lewis me at
Tue Aug 30 21:10:14 CEST 2011


I very much want to use your software, but, I have too much trouble
installing it.

the purpose of a Makefile is to alleviate the stress of configuration,
if there needs to be an appropriate .htaccess file generated, can you
please automate this, instead of vaguely instructing us what needs to
be done in a README, or at least, be a bit more detailed about what
needs to be done.

Also, the install process assumes root and installation in some root
directory, most people hosting websites use shared hosts, without root
access. can you make it so that I can point the makefile at a
directory (like the directory where files for and
maybe a /home/cgit directory, where any configuration files or
repositories might live?

since you clearly seem to know how to set this up, it would be nice if
you could give us, those who want to use your software, some help.

thanks for all your help, and I really like CGIT,


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