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Jamie Couture jamie.couture at
Sat Nov 19 22:26:13 CET 2011

I'm no wiz at configuring gitolite; however, trying my own settings:

@staff = bob alice
repo    proja
        RW+     =   couture
        RW+ dev/USER/     =   @staff
        proja "DESC" = "Jamie couture <jamie.couture at>"

bob and alice may only push to refs/heads/dev/<user>/whatever
for example bob creates a branch:

$ bob@~: git checkout -b myidea master
... do some work
... commit
and now bob is ready to push:
$ bob@~: git push origin myidea:dev/bob/myidea

will end up in refs/heads, and I'll still be able to see it in gitolite.

However, I'm not aware of a configuration to change where in refs you push,
but trying it, trivially, on my own machine yields fine results and
gitolite manages the rules for me.  alice, for example, cannot push her
refs to bob. Even if alice were to checkout bob's refs, merge her changes
on top of his, and push his refs to origin, OR if she were to create a
branch and try to push her refs where bob's are, gitolite will reject them.

Having said that, all this occurred under refs/heads; I didn't set anything
extra to do this.

What did you type when you pushed your refs, that is, to have them going to
refs/development? I'm not aware that's possible, though please correct me
if I'm wrong.  Even if i were to try on a local repo, I get the following:

$ git checkout -b development
Switched to a new branch 'development'
$ git push origin development:refs/development
Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
remote: error: refusing to create funny ref 'refs/development' remotely

if I were to do it properly, they end up in the same place, refs/heads:
$ git push origin development
$ git push origin development:refs/heads/development

anyway, tl;dr: all my refs to go refs/heads where cgit expects them and
will show it in summary.

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 6:42 PM, Rob <wink at> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I've been googling quite a bit and i can't seem to find it nor 'fix' it
> myself. I've setup personal branches for gitolite for users (in a group)
> using the
> RW+    development/USER/ = @userlist
> syntax. The pushes do not reside in refs/heads but in
> refs/development/username/branchname and maybe that's why they don't show
> in the overview? Is it possible to show the branches from 'personal user
> branches' with cgit using the gitolite setup?
> Looking forward to a reply,
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