FastCGI integration for cgit?

Peter Wu lekensteyn at
Sat Apr 13 10:51:03 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I am investigating the options for deploying cgit+gitolite. As I am running 
nginx, I have to use fastcgi or something similar.

Some resources that I found during a search:


Their instructions however, do suggest the use of nginx + spawn-cgi + fcgiwrap 
+ cgit. I have some issues with it:

- Even if nginx and cgit run as different users, nginx can still run arbitrary 
commands under the rights of cgit (via SCRIPT_FILENAME).
- If the only goal of fcgiwrap is to run cgit, why fcgiwrap at all and not 
integrate it into cgit?

So I was wondering if somebody has already considered integrating fastcgi into 
cgit or other experiences with a nginx+(fastcgi+)cgit setup? I do not expect 
much traffic, but still want to have a secure (isolated) setup with predictable 
resource use.


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