Compile cGit 2.0.4

Jorge Bastos mysql.jorge at
Mon Aug 11 22:33:18 CEST 2014

> "shtool" isn't a shell.  /bin/sh is probably either dash or bash.  What
> does "dpkg -S /bin/sh" say?
> It looks like the problem is actually that the file has DOS line
> endings.  I get the exact same problem you do if I run:
> 	unix2dos
> Have you got Git's "core.eol" config set to "crlf"?

Didn't touch it.
Ok dos2unix solved it, but, i havent edit that file, less with an windows
editor, I think it came with that from last git pull I did.

Peixe:/usr/local/src/cgit/cgit# dpkg -S /bin/sh
diversion by dash from: /bin/sh
diversion by dash to: /bin/sh.distrib
dash: /bin/sh

OK compiled! Thanks.

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