Can I get detailed Cgit logs?

John Keeping john at
Tue Feb 25 20:29:08 CET 2014

On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 01:24:02PM -0600, Nolan Darilek wrote:
> OK, figured it out. I was proxying to the Cgit docker container via 
> Nginx, and specified:
> proxy_pass;
> instead of:
> proxy_pass;
> Maybe some sort of "debug mode" might have helped diagnose the issue? 
> Presumably Cgit was looking for repositories in a directory that didn't 
> exist. Having a way to output "No repositories found in 
> /srv/git/doesnotexist" might have helped me track that down more 
> quickly. Or maybe such a thing exists and my Google powers are weak. :)

CGit does log "Error opening directory" if either the directory
specified to scan does not exist or a directory listed in the project
list does not exist.

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