RFE: author/committer/tagger links (enable cgit to show gravatar for author, committer and tagger)

Konstantin Ryabitsev mricon at kernel.org
Thu Jan 9 16:21:19 CET 2014

On 08/01/14 12:29 PM, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
> It's being previewed on http://git.zx2c4.com/cgit/
> What do you think?

Hi, all:

That's pretty nifty. That reminds me -- I'm working on a web-of-trust
site for kernel.org and something I wouldn't mind having is a way to
link from cgit to the web of trust for that person. E.g. an email
address for "torvalds at linux-foundation.org" on this page
would be wrapped in a link such as:

<a href="https://blah.kernel.org/?user=torvalds%40linux-foundation.org">
torvalds at linux-foundation.org</a>

which will bring up a page similar to:

Not sure whether that would clash with any of your existing plans for
user links, but figured I'd bring this up for a discussion.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Senior Systems Administrator
Linux Foundation Collab Projects
Montréal, Québec

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