Description in repo not used if not using scan-path

Philip Taylor pst200 at
Mon Jan 20 21:47:53 CET 2014

I have created a function to post-process the loaded cgitrc file to load 
the description of any repo that is the default cgit description.

This is called after the 
"parse_configfile(expand_macros(ctx.env.cgit_config), config_cb);" line. 
The code is pasted below for information.

static void find_missing_descriptions()
     int idx;
     /* copied from scan-tree.c, add_repo */
     struct cgit_repo *repo;
     size_t size;
     struct stat st;

     for ( idx=0; idx < cgit_repolist.count; idx++ )
         struct strbuf path = STRBUF_INIT;

         /* copied from ui-repolist.c, cgit_print_repolist() */
         repo = &cgit_repolist.repos[idx];
         strbuf_add(&path, repo->path, strlen(repo->path));
         strbuf_addch(&path, '/'); /* When the path is stored in the 
repo, the final slash is removed, so add it back in */

         /* copied from scan-tree.c, add_repo */
         if (repo->desc == cgit_default_repo_desc || !repo->desc)
             strbuf_addstr(&path, "description");
             if (!stat(path.buf, &st))
                 readfile(path.buf, &repo->desc, &size);

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