Description for section and link for repos

John Keeping john at
Thu Mar 5 10:30:30 CET 2015

On Thu, Mar 05, 2015 at 09:22:55AM +0100, Pablo Rauzy wrote:
> My first question is about sections.
> I would like to be able to add a title and a little description for each
> section, just like I can with the cgit.desc configuration for each the
> git repos.
> Example :
> Here I would like the title to be " / sensi" rather than just
> "", and I would like the description to be "SEN Security
> Inspector" rather than the root description.

Are you currently using "section-from-path"?  If you use the
"repo.section" configuration option then you can name the sections
however you want, but this is not possible if you are generating the
sections automatically.

If you're combining CGit with Gitolite you may be able to avoid listing
repositories twice by using CGit's "enable-git-config" option to
configure the "repo.section" variable (I'm not sure if you can set a
config variable on a group of repositories in Gitolite, but I think you
should be able to).

> My second question is about repository.
> I would like to add title and a link to a project home page somewhere
> else than on the logo.
> Example :
> Here I would like the title to be " / sensi / finja" rather
> than "index : finja", and I would like to add a tab "homepage" after
> "diff" which would link to in
> this example.
> Is what I'm looking for already possible? If yes, how? If not, I think
> it would be a nice addition.

I don't think this is currently possible.  Note that the word "index" is
actually a link to the list of repositories.

For the "homepage" link, have you considered simply adding a link to the
repository's readme (on the about tab)?  I thought there was a way to
make the "about" tab the default instead of the "summary" tab, but I
can't find it when I go looking so I must be wrong about that.

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