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Pablo Rauzy r at
Thu Mar 5 10:51:09 CET 2015

Hello again, and thanks for your quick response.

On 2015-03-05, John Keeping wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 05, 2015 at 09:22:55AM +0100, Pablo Rauzy wrote:
>> My first question is about sections.
>> I would like to be able to add a title and a little description for each
>> section, just like I can with the cgit.desc configuration for each the
>> git repos.
>> Example :
>> Here I would like the title to be " / sensi" rather than just
>> "", and I would like the description to be "SEN Security
>> Inspector" rather than the root description.
> Are you currently using "section-from-path"?  If you use the
> "repo.section" configuration option then you can name the sections
> however you want, but this is not possible if you are generating the
> sections automatically.

Indeed I am using section-from-path, but the name of the sections are
just fine.

What I was looking for is the possibility to for instance make cgit
using a file called "description" in the directory that it makes a
section as description of that section.

> If you're combining CGit with Gitolite you may be able to avoid listing
> repositories twice by using CGit's "enable-git-config" option to
> configure the "repo.section" variable (I'm not sure if you can set a
> config variable on a group of repositories in Gitolite, but I think you
> should be able to).

I'm not using Gitolite.

>> My second question is about repository.
>> I would like to add title and a link to a project home page somewhere
>> else than on the logo.
>> Example :
>> Here I would like the title to be " / sensi / finja" rather
>> than "index : finja", and I would like to add a tab "homepage" after
>> "diff" which would link to in
>> this example.
>> Is what I'm looking for already possible? If yes, how? If not, I think
>> it would be a nice addition.
> I don't think this is currently possible.  Note that the word "index" is
> actually a link to the list of repositories.

Yes I noticed that, but I find it less nice than having the root-title
for the link.

> For the "homepage" link, have you considered simply adding a link to the
> repository's readme (on the about tab)?  I thought there was a way to
> make the "about" tab the default instead of the "summary" tab, but I
> can't find it when I go looking so I must be wrong about that.

That is exactly what I did for now. Maybe it is enough. I'll see with
the time how much I like it this way :).

FWIW, here is the filter I wrote to make link clickable in plaintext
READMEs: (it is quick and dirty, it
simply considers that anything between < and > and starting with "http"
is a link).

Thanks again for your really quick answer!

Pablo Rauzy.
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