SIGPIPE from syntax highlighting filter if highlight is not available

Vadim Zeitlin vz-cgit at
Thu Sep 29 16:38:41 CEST 2016


 As this is the first time I'm posting here, let me start by thanking you
for developing cgit! I'm using it since quite some time under Debian
(currently Jessie) and it works very well but recently I've mistakenly
removed highlight package because I thought it was redundant with other
similar tools and completely forgot that cgit depended on it.

 Since then, viewing any files in cgit didn't work, which was probably only
to be expected, but viewing sufficiently large files resulted in 500 server
error due to, after debugging, SIGPIPE received but not handled by cgit
when reading from the filter subprocess.

 I'm not sure what exactly should be done here: maybe nothing, and people
should be just more careful with uninstalling dependencies. But I think
ideally cgit should give an error indicating that filter execution failed
and I'd at least expect it not to just die without any further information.

 Thanks again for cgit!
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