thttpd trimming terminating slashes

Дилян Палаузов dilyan.palauzov at
Thu Jan 31 13:07:53 CET 2019

To: Jef Poskanzer <jef at>, webmaster at,  thttpd at
CC: cgit at


after writing to thttpd-request at , as suggested at, I get no replies. 
Therefore cannot subscribe to the mailing list thttpd at, that was last used in 2014 according to .

My experience with thttpd shows that it eliminates terminating slashes in the requests, before callnig a CGI program.

cgit ( insists of receivng a terminating slash, in order to always work correctly.  See the
discussion at labelled “Slash after /about”.

Please reach a consensus between cgit and thttpd whether a webserver is entitled to trim terminating slashes from the


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