[pass] why copy to clipboard?

Jona Joachim jona at joachim.cc
Wed Dec 5 23:08:59 CET 2012

On 12/05/12 22:57, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
> Hi Antoine,
> Xterm supports pasting from the ordinary clipboard, not just from the
> primary selection buffer. Consult the documentation -- it's in there
> somewhere. Let me know what you find.
> That said, I understand some neckbearded types of folks love the
> traditional X11 flow of middle-clicking and selecting all over the
> place, the same kind of genius that goes wild with Plan 9's Acme
> editor. Those types of people are likely to not really care for the
> other mode, nor really be altering back and forth between middle-click
> and ctrl+v, so I don't think having a command line switch is useful.
> Rather, I had in mind exactly what Brian provided -- a simple
> environment variable that you could set in your
> I'll consider merging something similar to this in the next few days.
> Then it'll be pretty simple to add the variable to your bashrc (or...
> plan 9's rc rc? just kidding), and then you'll have primary selection
> buffer support.

Here's a piece of my xterm config from ~/.Xdefaults :

xterm*VT100.translations: #override \n\
         Shift <BtnUp>:select-end(CLIPBOARD) \n\
         Shift Meta <Key>Insert:insert-selection(CLIPBOARD)

This enables Shift+mouse selection to copy to clipboard and 
Shift+Meta+Insert to paste from clipboard.

Oh and as a bonus, here's an awesome xterm feature:
         Meta <Key>n:spawn-new-terminal()
This enables you to spawn a new terminal in the current working 
directory. Let's say you're in vim or mutt or whatever, this will let 
you spawn a new terminal with Meta+n. Unfortunately it only works in Linux.


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