[pass] fixing the limitations of multi-user/store support

milki milki at rescomp.berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 7 00:33:16 CET 2013

On 17:48 Wed 06 Feb     , Antoine Beaupr?? wrote:
> I recommend that:
>  1. the team can be defined in the .gpgid file - say it's one entry per
>     line or something
>  2. the PASSWORD_STORE_DIR can be passed as an argument instead of an
>     environment variable
> This will remove the need for client-side configuration and will make
> sure the configuration is always in sync, as it is stored in the
> repository.

I agree with the approach to simplifying steps for multi-user/stores and
the reasoning.

What about taking this a step further with a configuration file? .gpgid
and PASSWORD_STORE_DIR were simply the easiest way to do basic
single-user repos.

A configuration file might map aliases to directories+keys. A
commandline flag would allow users to specify the directory.


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