[pass] [PATCH] Added 'rename' command

Brian Shore brian at networkredux.com
Thu Apr 17 17:34:05 CEST 2014

On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 6:27 AM, Matthieu Weber <mweber at free.fr> wrote:
> pass mv is not about managing files, it is about changing the
> meta-information of the password, namely its identifier. The fact that
> it boils down to renaming a file is just a technicality. You can ditch
> the "pass mv" shortcut if you want and provide only "pass rename" and
> then it's not anymore about moving files, but about managing passwords.
> That's exactly what pass is for. Maybe we can rename "pass mv" into
> "pass rn" so that it doesn't sound like the shell's mv command?

I think this is a reasonable argument.  But I'm probably not the only
user of pass that doesn't put all information into the filesystem
except for the password itself.  I even use it to store sensitive
information that isn't passwords.

I think we could avoid some of the file manager difficulties by
letting pass tell us something about its configuration.  For example,
if pass will tell us the prefix, we can easily stuff that into calls
to the standard file tools:

  # change `pass show foo/bar/baz`  to `pass show foo/moo/goo`
  /bin/mv -v  $(pass --printconfig prefix)/foo/bar/baz $(pass
--printconfig prefix)/foo/moo/goo

  # find my ssh passwords even if they're scattered around the tree
  /usr/bin/find $(pass --printconfig prefix) -name \*ssh\*

  # make a backup
  /usr/bin/tar zcf pass.backup.$(date +Y%m%dT%H%M%S).tar.gz $(pass
--printconfig prefix)

I don't currently use any of the environment variable settings to
tweak the pass configuration, but I know others do.  They might find
it very useful to be able to just tell pass to dump all of its
configuration parameters at once:

  pass --printconfig


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