[pass] Pass on Maemo

Adam Wellings skanky at kapin.co.uk
Fri Apr 18 00:05:02 CEST 2014

Hello all,

Firstly, many thanks for a great tool which I use on my laptop an really like.

I'm just wondering if anyone has used pass on Maemo (Nokia n900) or similar?
I've installed it and hit a couple of issues and I've initially worked round a
couple of them, but before I get too far down the line, I just wondered if
there's a better way.

1) Pass calls gpg2, whereas gpg on Maemo is gpg. Initially I edited the script
to change the calls to gpg - but when I resolve the other issues, I'll reinstall
pass and instead set-up a link to from gpg2 to gpg.

2) mkdir in busybox doesn't support the -v option. I've manually removed this
option from the script. Again, I may instead set-up a different resolution. I'll
probably wrap mkdir with a a function that "eats" the option. 

3) Pass now encrypts no problem, but when it decrypts it calls gpg, which calls 
gpg-agent but that returns an error that it can't execute pinentry. That error
message is very generic but *suggests* it can't find pinentry. 

"can't connect to the PIN entry module: End of file"

I can run pinentry manually.

I realise this isn't gpg list and I'll ask on there if I can't resolve it but I
wondered if anyone else had seen this. 

Also, if I don't use gpg-agent (and after the above error) I get an error
message from gpg saying it can't ask for the passphrase in batch mode. I'm
tempted to remove the batch option from pass on the phone.

Any thoughts? 
Am I likely to seriously break something?


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