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On Apr 19, 2014 11:06 PM, "Gusev Victor" <vgusev2008 at yandex.ru> wrote:

> Just imagine a situation like this: I work with 5 sysadmins and we have
several roles in our company, so, some admin's need to access to one kind
of services, several other... And we have a big boss with all privileges
for any. So, now we need a new sysadmin for us, but we don't believe him
yet. I want to allow him for several password, and after about 3-5 month
give him another password for him will need.
> So, It's not good to make it like this:
> I need create a new gpg for him
> Reinitialize my DB like this: pass init -p /MyWeb/unsorted/ CE52063E
7D1A1D0D ; init -p /pass/somebank/ CE52063E 7D1A1D0D
> Edit EVERY pass in dir: unsorted and somebank for RECRYPT my gpg file
with two keys
> It's so hard for to do... And I want to work with password records, not
with folder!
> Is here a other way for my need?

The -e option of init will automatically reencrypt at the same time as you
change the gpg keys. In pass 1.6 (current git), this will happen
automatically intelligently without the need for an option.

> And my second question is about Windows OS. Some colleges usage Windows.
Is it possible to use pass for windows? May be with cygwin or other way?

Pass 1.6 (current git, released in a week or two) will support cygwin; I've
already written support for it alongside someone else on this mailing list.
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