[pass] 'pass insert' bugs

Von Welch von at vwelch.com
Sun Apr 20 20:18:36 CEST 2014

Referring back to the testing thread, I figured out a couple behaviors of
'pass insert' that were confusing me. I suggest these are both bugs.

1) "echo foo | pass insert my-pass" fails, but still creates an empty file.
See appended example 1.

2) "echo foo | pass -e insert my-pass" returns 1 if my-pass exists but is
otherwise silent. See appended example 2.


Example 1:

% pass show my-pass
my-pass is not in the password store.
Status: 1
% echo foo | pass insert my-pass

Error: the entered passwords do not match.

% pass show my-pass
<no output, no error>
% ls -l /tmp/store/my-pass.gpg
-rw-------  1 von  wheel  323 Apr 20 14:16 /tmp/store/my-pass.gpg

Example 2:

% rm /tmp/store/my-pass.gpg
remove /tmp/store/my-pass.gpg? y
% echo foo | pass insert -e my-pass
% echo foobar | pass insert -e my-pass
Status: 1
% pass show my-pass
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