[pass] Replace base64 in cygwin?

Stephen Schoun stephen at schoun.net
Sun Apr 27 12:26:09 CEST 2014

Hi everyone,

This is my first post to the password-store listserv.  Pass works great 
for me on Linux, but I have been struggling to get it to work on 
Windows.  One of the issues I came across was the difficulty in finding 
an executable of the "base64" program for cygwin/mingw/msys/msysgit 
anywhere on the internet and I don't really want to compile it myself.  
I'm actually using msysgit.

However, I found a workaround that seems to do the job.  If I understand 
correctly, base64 is used to strip newlines when writing and reading 
from the clipboard manager.  So I was able to replace the "base64" or 
"base64 -d" command with a suitable bash function in 
src/platform/cygwin.sh using "tr":

StripNewlines(){ tr -d '\n'; }

But I am not an experienced bash programmer, so I might be doing 
something dumb.  If this is a valid substitution, however, then other 
people trying to use Windows might benefit from making this change 
permanent since "tr" is shipped with msysgit, for instance, but "base64" 
is not.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Also, I don't know what the "pkill -f" command is supposed to be doing, 
but msysgit doesn't have "pkill" either.


--Stephen Schoun
stephen at schoun.net

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