[pass] copying usernames and urls

René Neumann lists at necoro.eu
Tue Apr 29 15:25:28 CEST 2014

Am 29.04.2014 15:03, schrieb George Angelopoulos:
> Hi all.
> I recently migrated from keepassx and I am very happy to say that, for
> my own needs and in conjunction with the amazing passmenu, pass is
> superior in every way!
> ...except one. There's no good way to copy passwords. This is a
> functionality that I found very useful in keepass because I'm just as
> bad at remembering usernames as I am at remembering passwords. Passmenu
> makes copying passwords *very* simple and fast. But if I don't remember
> the username for a particular site/service I have to go back to the
> terminal. Same goes for urls but those are less important to me.

For the exact same usecase, I used to have some functionality in a
wrapper fro pass, where it would be possible to say 'copy the line
matching the following pattern to clipboard'. Then one could think of
ones personal standard (e.g. prefixing username by 'User: ' in the file)
and this (either on cmdline or for a passmenu clone).

I dropped it, because I had to duplicate all the clip functionality of
pass (and because I falsely assumed 'pass grep' was doing exactly that
-- my bad).

If anyone cares, the wrapper can be found here [1], though the clip()
might need an update. (In the end it is just 'pass show | grep $PATTERN').

- René


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