[pass] copying usernames and urls

René Neumann lists at necoro.eu
Tue Apr 29 16:50:00 CEST 2014

Am 29.04.2014 16:39, schrieb Johan Venant:
> This is a very elegant approach. I really like it. But it's also a huge
> limitation for third party tools who would like to share data through pass.
> I mean I currently use both the firefox addon and dmenu script. And I think
> it make sens to delegate format management to pass to ensure compatibility
> The main question behind this is : what is the purpose of pass ?
> * to be a command line passwords tool ?
> * or to be a command line based password manager facilitating access to
> password data to third tools ?

I don't think, that pass should enforce any particular format. This is,
as several others point out, the great benefit of the tool: you can safe
anything you like in it.

On the other I hand, I think, there is no harm in adding additional(!)
builtin shortcuts for some use cases (like the 'field' thing). Sure,
everyone can rebuild it on his own. But if it eases the use for >50% of
the userbase and does not hinder the rest, I can't see the issue.

If there is still opposition, perhaps another way is to split pass into
a 'lib' and a set of commands. Then anyone can easily add commands to
his liking without having to redo work done in pass already (like
clipboard management).

- René

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