[pass] provide commands to add/remove keys to/from folders

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Wed Dec 17 15:14:34 CET 2014


I'm assigned to find a password management solution for our small company (~6 
linux users) and currently investigate pass.

I've a few feature request that I'd like to propose and work on (if my boss is 
happy with the solution). I'd like to know if you'd like to accept patches for 
those features. First one in this mail:

It is possible to add/remove keys with the 'init' command but one always need 
to list all keys on the commandline, otherwise the command will remove those 
keys that were forgotten.

I propose two new commands:

add-key [ --path=sub-folder, -p sub-folder ] gpg-id...
  Adds the listed gpg-id as recipients for all secrets in the specified path or 
globally. Creates a new .gpg-id file in folder if necessary and prefills it with 
the gpg-ids of the next gpg-ids from the next higher .gpg-id file in the folder 

remove-key [ --path=sub-folder, -p sub-folder ] [ --force, -f ] gpg-id...
  Removes the specified gpg-id(s) from the .gpg-id of the specified path or 
globally. Exists with an error if the specified path does not have a .gpg-id 
file and the --force option is not given. Otherwise a new .gpg-id file is 
created with all gpg-id of the next higher .gpg-id file without the removed 

Thank you,

Thomas Koch

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