[pass] [PATCH] Add support for 'show -t/--tail' to print 2nd and subsequent lines

guns self at sungpae.com
Sat Jul 5 03:16:34 CEST 2014

On Fri  4 Jul 2014 at 08:31:46PM -0400, Von Welch wrote:

> I'm not sure of your logic to arrive at why it "should" be done the
> way you state,

Oh, I only meant "should" as in "I would be surprised if it were more
difficult than the following".

I am against bloat in shell scripts, however, and switch to a better
scripting language past 50-100 lines. Perl, Python, or Ruby are
generally found on systems that have gpg + bash, and the differences
between versions of a programming language are much easier to deal with
than the annoying matrix of incompatible Unix utilities.

> but I'll just point our you are re-implementing parts of the logic of
> pass in the script wrapper (namely splitting the password from the
> metadata, figuring out the right clipboard command). I like to avoid
> repeating logic (DRY so to speak).

Eh, it's a truly tiny bit of logic. I use my own clip() function because
I don't like pass's implementation.

> To put it another way, I'll point out pass gives me a command to
> separate out the password (-c/--clip), a complementary command to pull
> out the metadata doesn't seem unreasonable.

No, it's not unreasonable. The bit of resistance you are getting is
likely from long-time users (well only a couple of years), who really
liked the brevity and simplicity of pass.

Ultimately, this is just a pleasant little yak shave while I wait for
some food on the grill. Grumpy purists can ultimately just revert to an
old revision of pass or whip up their own.

What is really valuable about this project is the idea; I am quite
envious that such an elegant solution to password storage never occurred
to me. I was also unhappy¹ learn that the author of the very useful
ipset integration in dnsmasq is the very same Jason Donenfeld that
authored this project.


¹ Just kidding, thanks for the software!
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