[pass] [PATCH] Fix pass completion syntax and autoloading

Marc Cornellà marc.cornella at live.com
Sat Jul 26 21:46:29 CEST 2014

As I suspected, my fix doesn't work. I finally installed pass and set
up a mock account based on the example in
the home page of the project.

I used the lastpass2pass importer and a custom lastpass.csv file,
which I made available as a gist [1],
in case someone wants to use it to test with.

This is the output that I get with my currently patched completion:

    --clip  -c  -- put it on the clipboard
    --help     -- Output help message
    --version  -- Output version information
    cp        -- Copy the password
    edit      -- Edit a password with $EDITOR
    find      -- Find password files or directories based on pattern
    generate  -- Generate a new password using pwgen
    git       -- Call git on the password store
    grep      -- Search inside decrypted password files for matching pattern
    help      -- Output help message
    init      -- Initialize new password storage
    insert    -- Insert a new password
    ls        -- List passwords
    mv        -- Rename the password
    rm        -- Remove the password
    show      -- Decrypt and print a password
    version   -- Output version information

Notice that passwords are then separated by the literal `\n`, since
now zsh interprets the text inside quotes as the
same parameter so it doesn't separate them anymore and _values
receives it and displays it as one same entry.

I'm working on an alternative syntax that doesn't trigger this
behavior while at the same time fixing the other errors
that appear with the current completion.


[1] https://gist.github.com/mcornella/9ad312530ddec1a6eaca

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