[pass] pass output to 'vi -R' instead of stdout?

Von Welch von at vwelch.com
Sat Mar 8 14:16:47 CET 2014

Every so often I actually need to look at a password instead of just having
it in my paste buffer. E.g. I need to enter it on another device: a phone,
tablet, Roku box, or some other thing I can't or don't want to run
password-store on. So I run pass and have it put the password to stdout
(e.g. 'pass my-store').

My concern is that I'm terribly uncertain I can actually clear the
resulting output. I run in tmux inside of iTerm and after running 'clear'
it seems that output persists in various ways (e.g. if I put tmux into copy
mode and I'll find it if I scroll up).

I could spend effort trying to come up with some way of clearing stdout and
might succeed, but I'm wondering if a better approach would be to use the
logic password-store already has in creating temporary files for editing
password stores and use that to create a temporary file for viewing
password stores (using vi in read-only mode with '-R').


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