[pass] pass output to 'vi -R' instead of stdout?

Chris Down chris at chrisdown.name
Sat Mar 8 14:33:50 CET 2014

Von Welch writes:
> My concern is that I'm terribly uncertain I can actually clear the
> resulting output. I run in tmux inside of iTerm and after running 'clear'
> it seems that output persists in various ways (e.g. if I put tmux into copy
> mode and I'll find it if I scroll up).
> I could spend effort trying to come up with some way of clearing stdout and
> might succeed, but I'm wondering if a better approach would be to use the
> logic password-store already has in creating temporary files for editing
> password stores and use that to create a temporary file for viewing
> password stores (using vi in read-only mode with '-R').

If your concern is security-related, using vi -R is not more secure than
printing to stdout -- the data will still persist on the alternate
screen of your terminal or terminal multiplexer (assuming it has one,
which I'm pretty sure tmux does).

What is your real goal here? If you have proper control over your
environment (which is not something that pass can hope to help you
with), your stdout should not be insecure.
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