[pass] Clip/restore concurrency issues (fix?)

Jonas Wagner j.b.w at gmx.ch
Sat Mar 22 01:43:12 CET 2014


I've implemented a locking system for password-store based on flock(1).

Looks much cleaner to me than the other solutions that have been proposed
so far. I like the patch.

Comments are somewhat verbose compared to the rest of pass, but that's
probably a problem of the rest of pass rather than your patch.

One inconsistency is that inside lock_start, you once write to &9, once to
Another: You removed quotes around $() for the before= line, but not for
the now= line.
In [[ $now != $password64 ]] && before="$now", don't you need quotes around
the variables for the inequality check? $now could be empty...

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