[pass] libsecret integration?

Raph raphael.droz at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 19:53:41 CET 2014

(note: being able to search the mailing-list archives would help)

Issue: more and more software use freedesktop libsecret
(dbus-based API) to implement master-password / keyring solution.
one example among many others: https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/KeyringSupport

I guess it's technically possible to create a dbus-service implementing
the libsecret API to serve as a pass backend for libsecret client

Was there already previous attempt/thinking on this?


How the "assumptions about ~/.password-store/ custom tree structure/file
formats" should be dealt with?

More exactly, assumptions on the tree-structure/file-format seems the
moot-point when trying to integrate pass with automated

Even more when one prefer multiple credentials per-file to avoid using
filenames (considered as clear-text indexes leaking info like
~/.password-store/www/bank.com.gpg), it makes `pass`-managed files look
more like passwords databases.

As an example: this thread:

Is there a general solution or guidelines about solving this kind of issues?


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