[pass] Windows use of "pass"?

Justus justus.seifert at cloudandheat.com
Wed Sep 10 09:31:38 CEST 2014

On 09.09.2014 22:03, Brad Knowles wrote:
> Folks,
> So, we're looking at team password vault solutions, and "pass" looks like exactly the kind of tool we want -- gpg for encryption, storing of encrypted data in git, etc....  However, we do need something that is cross-platform, so we're also considering the classic "passwordsafe", and KeePassX (alpha).
> Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see anything about Windows support for this package, other than the obvious "it should work under cygwin".
> Can anyone help me understand the options here, and give me more details on exactly how the team support works?  I've seen some announcement pages that give a bit more information about team support, but I haven't seen anything obviously linked from the documentation or github pages.

team support in pass is not directly implemented but made possible by
using git distributed version control.  you can either use pass as a
wrapper for git via commands like these:

$ pass git init
$ pass git remote add <name of your teams shared git repo> <url to your teams shared git repo>
$ pass git status
$ pass git push
$ […]
$ pass git pull

"pass git init" converts your whole password store into a git
repository, which does not hinder its use as a normal pass store.

with "pass git push" you can push any commited changes you made to your
shared repo.
with "pass git pull" you can get any new changes made to the shared store.
note that the password store is a regular git repo, so you can even use
it without the wrapper if you like this better:

$ cd ~/.password-store

$ git init

$ #and so on…

hope that helps.
oh and if you came accross a documentation where you expected to find
this, then please write the documentation.  you are in a unique position
to do so now :)

Kind regards
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