[pass] Using pass away from home.

Lenz Weber mail at lenzw.de
Wed Sep 10 21:34:40 CEST 2014

Hi Mike,
you could use an OpenPGP smartcard (SIM sized) in combination with a
small smartcard reader.

For example, a Gemalto USB Shell Token is about the size of an USB stick.

The secret key never leaves the card, if it gets stolen the card locks
itself after 3 unsuccessfull pin entries and deletes itself after 3
unsuccessful master-pin-entries. No bruteforcing possible.

Works out of the box with Gpg4Win and needs only a few packages
(scdaemon, pcscd, gnupg2) on linux.

Actually there should even be bluetooth smartcard readers for phone out
now but I don't know if the OpenGPG card is supported.


On 10.09.2014 21:14, Michael Shnitzer wrote:
> Was wondering what ideas there were for using pass when you are away
> from home.  There are certain systems (at work example) that I consider
> safe enough to enter my password, especially if it two factor
> authentication.  Currently, I use my phone to VPN into my home network
> and SSH into my machine and run pass.  I then manually type in the password.
> Are there any better ideas?
> Thanks
> Mike
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