[pass] Using remote repository - Unusable public key

George Angelopoulos george at usermod.net
Mon Apr 13 20:22:01 CEST 2015

Hi Alfredo,

I *thought* I understood what your issue is, then I tried to reproduce
it and I couldn't. Can you please be more specific and provide exact
steps to reproduce.

Here's what I did:

$ PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=/home/george/alfredotest pass init
george at usermod.net

mkdir: created directory ‘/home/george/alfredotest/’
Password store initialized for george at usermod.net

$ PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=/home/george/alfredotest pass generate password1 20

The generated password for password1 is:

$ PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=/home/george/alfredotest pass
Password Store
└── password1

$ PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=/home/george/alfredotest pass show password1
<here I got prompted for my gpg password for george at usermod.net>

$ file .password-store
.password-store: cannot open `.password-store' (No such file or directory)

On 04/13/2015 07:44 PM, Alfredo Palhares wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use password-store with a repository on non standard location.
> So I've set an alias:
> pass-myorg='PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=/path/to/my/repo pass'
> I've set the master GPG key on the .gpg-id file and quiqly test with:
> $ pass-myorg edit Testing/test
> gpg: can't open '/path/to/file.gpg': No such file or directory
> gpg: decrypt_message failed: No such file or directory
> gpg: <keyID>: There is no assurance this key belongs to the named user
> gpg: /dev/shm/pass.J6w2RiXobjf3x/XCRDgtesting-test.txt: encryption failed: Unusable public key
> I've noticed the <keyID> that gpg shows me is the key ID that is on
> ~/.password-store and not the non standard path repository .gpg-id file.
> Any suggestions will be welcome.
> Regards,
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