[pass] Signed .gpg-id file

p0intless at mailbox.org p0intless at mailbox.org
Wed Aug 12 20:04:28 CEST 2015

I propose that the .gpg-id file should be signed, otherwise in a shared
environment somebody could simply add 
their key-id to the file and all the entries created after that would be
readable for that person, without the 
knowledge of the creator.

The key-id of the signer of any .gpg-id files must be in the .gpg-id file
of the parent directory. If the parent 
directory has not got a .gpg-id file its parent or eventually the .gpg-id
file of the root folder will be used.

The key-ids in the .gpg-id file of the root folder are the highest in the
trust chain, they are the admins of the 
repository. Every user of the repository signs the root .gpg-id file and
therefore trusts the admins.

When a users uses the repo for the first time (or the root .gpg-id file
changes) they will be prompted the list 
of admins (email and key-id ideally). The user can than chose to trust the
admins and sign .key-id file.

This ensures that all th .gpg-id files are cryptographically protected. I
think this is a lot better than simply 
write-protecting it on the file system level. This ensures securety when
the repository is shared on a fileserver 
and also on a compromised machine.

Aditionaly I think the .gpg-id file should contain the name, email and
key-id (full length) of the keys.

The .gpg-id file could also regulate who can create subdirectories and add
users to these.

I'd like to implement these changes, what do you think? Any Ideas or

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