[pass] some issues I noticed with “pass mv”

Micha Rosenbaum micha+ml-password-store at rosetree.de
Fri Jul 10 14:51:11 CEST 2015

Dear contributors, before I begin my report, I’d like to thank you for
the password store. It’s the first password manager I enjoy using it.
Thank you!


When I created a password “test” and later create a second password
“test/phone”, my password store has the following structure:


That doesn’t look very nice, but can be resolved with “pass mv”. My
problem now is, that “mv” tried to move the first occurrence of test,
the directory.

> mv: cannot move ‘~/.password-store/test’ to a subdirectory of itself, ‘~/.password-store/test/login’

That’s not what intended and I thought it would be great if this could
be handled with a trailing slash (as pointed out similar in the man).

> If new-path ends in a trailing /, it is always treated as a directory.

I guess this is an issue in mv not in pass.

(There is a workaround:

    pass mv test _test
    pass mv test _test/login
    pass mv _test test

But it clutters the git history. Maybe I should try “git rebase -i” ☺ )


Also bash completion – a feature I really enjoy – would be awesome for
“pass mv” as well.


Another issue that occurred was reencrypting password, which is also
announced in the man.

> Passwords are selectively reencrypted to the corresponding keys of their new destination.

I thought, it would only reencrypt the passwords, if the gpg-id changed.
This wasn’t the case in my mv, but all passwords have been reencrypted.


Have a nice weekend and be blessed.

Micha Rosenbaum

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