[pass] pass on CentOS 6.5 not copying to clipboard

Anne M. Hammond hammond at txcorp.com
Fri Jul 10 20:37:36 CEST 2015

I just installed and set up pass from the yum repository.
I am using a remote login.  

If I use the command

# pass -c Intel
Copied Intel to clipboard. Will clear in 45 seconds.

However, if I use Control-V, Right Click Paste, or
Paste from the Terminal menu, the password is not
in the clipboard.  

I use Control-C / Control-V all the time to cut and paste.

Also I am getting lots of messages:

[hammond at ivy ~]$ Error: Can't open display: (null)
Error: Can't open display: (null)

I wanted a command line password manager.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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