[pass] passmenu: passwords containing both single and double quotes

zxb4d4 zxb4d4 at autistici.org
Tue Jul 21 22:48:36 CEST 2015

passmenu autotyping handles passwords with spaces thanks to Johannes
Wienke's path:

-	xdotool - <<<"type --clearmodifiers -- $(pass show "$password" | head -n 1)"
+	xdotool - <<<"type --clearmodifiers -- '$(pass show "$password" | head -n 1)'"

Still passwords with both single and double quotes are not handled
correctly. For example:

plain password:         "p8KdxBK2nc~M9gc_~Dl:(G"-7w'p(
autotype without path:  p8KdxBK2nc~M9gc_~Dl:(G-7w'p(
autotype with path:     "p8KdxBK2nc~M9gc_~Dl:(G"-7wp('

Any ideas how to fix this issue are highly welcome.

Thanks in advance,
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