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Aleksei lexa at cfotr.com
Fri Jul 31 00:09:00 CEST 2015


> Hi :-)
>>> You would also consider things such as renames.
> If I remember correctly, Git does not keep track of renamed files across revisions (yet?)
> There’s just a simple heuristic to detect renames which is based on the similarity of the files.
> But maybe I’m wrong here. Are here some Git experts around?

Actually git is keeping track of renamed files. Look in man git log:

           Continue listing the history of a file beyond renames (works only for a single file).

Also you may play with -M or -C options for 'git blame' to detect renamed files.

> I would simply rely on Git’s existing functionality (git blame).
> This would allow us to keep the required code for password-store as small as possible.
> And as I said, I assume that 'git blame' does not support renamed files yet.
> But this might come as a new Git feature in the future.
> By building this feature around ‚git blame‘ we could profit from this later on..

>>> I think that this isn’t a great feature because it is easy to misunderstand it. If you actually
>>> want the time the password itself was created you would need more
>>> metadata, for example `pass generate` could add a "Generated At"
>>> property.
> As already pointed out: an additional tag must be kept in sync. We have a nice version control system which does exactly this for us :-)
> Adding more stuff like tags, just adds complexity.
> I like it the KISS style..
>>> But I think that assuming that the last time a file was
>>> updated is equal to the last time a password was changed is a poor idea.
> It’s not the modification date of the file. We are talking about the modification date of the first line.
> To add some related thoughts:
> - is there a timestamp in the GPG metadata of the encrypted file?
> - does Git keeps track of modification / access timestamps? (I don’t think so)
> - because I’m also interested in the point in time where I used (decrypted) the password the last time.
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