[pass] "No public key" - help?

Matthias Beyer mail at beyermatthias.de
Sat Mar 14 11:50:44 CET 2015


On 14-03-2015 11:41:57, Lenz Weber wrote:
> Phew. That's a bummer.
> Only thing I can think of is that pass is using another gpg binary
> than you are on the cli that is not aware of your key.
> Do you have any combination of gpg1/gpg2/gpg2.1 installed?

I have only a gpg2 binary. I had installed gnupg1compat which is a wrapper so
gpg2 can be called by calling "gpg", but I removed it as it did not work, too.

gpg2 --version gives 2.1.2

> If so: do you have a gpg2 binary? Is your key both in the output of
> `gpg -k` and `gpg2 -k`?

gpg2 -k | grep mail at beyermatthias.de lists my key, so yes.

> Other than that: anyone else got an idea on this?

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