[pass] "No public key" - help?

René Neumann lists at necoro.eu
Sat Mar 14 14:39:31 CET 2015

Am 14.03.2015 um 14:37 schrieb Matthias Beyer:
> On 14-03-2015 14:32:37, René Neumann wrote:
>>>     + exec
>>>     /nix/store/32mnf5asp3as12p8bblhy015hrf4r965-password-store-1.6.5/bin/.pass-wrapped
>>>     insert test
>> What is this .pass-wrapped? And it should be passed the -x too.
> It is a wrapper NixOS creates upon installation to set the PATH variable for the
> executeable, as NixOS has no /usr/bin like other linux distributions.
> The wrapper script looks like this:
>     #! /nix/store/4dd49ybmqlaq2xw6cb4wxrgs51zhv19s-bash-4.3-p33/bin/bash -e
>     export PATH=/nix/store/ywz91g42p1fir3davm11k5affj64s7ar-coreutils-8.23/bin:/nix/store/wb5aj7k6237p0izlflfj3kvd69a18rcy-gnused-4.2.2/bin:/nix/store/zfr75gwya5cqfk531djpbhs0gnn41n5a-getopt-1.1.4/bin:/nix/store/bmn93al17l6ysbagg5jc6bm44xr83ylg-gnupg1compat-0/bin:/nix/store/4mhm1cl2mx8x30xi7wazzyla7g86crb8-git-2.3.0/bin:/nix/store/g75lq2kmfwx5sdqni6khv04kdklh3kq9-tree-1.7.0/bin:/nix/store/4kaxf8sf2c9k1v87bkwm52869wg25f60-pwgen-2.07/bin:/nix/store/d7b58pgi42n3wi24f93w98y114cgwhhf-xclip-0.12-svn-20140209/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH
>     exec /nix/store/32mnf5asp3as12p8bblhy015hrf4r965-password-store-1.6.5/bin/.pass-wrapped "${extraFlagsArray[@]}" "$@"
> For my current installation of bash, pass, gpg2 and so on. So nothing too
> critical and I don't think this introduces my error.

Yes, but bash's '-x' flag is probably not passed onwards to the wrapped
script. Therefore no debug output is given.

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