[pass] Proposal: fuzzy search

Kun Zhang arthur.kun at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 07:31:17 CEST 2016


I recently discovered password-store and has fallen in love with it :)  The
concept of keeping passwords in as encrypted plain text file and
synchronized via git is simple but efficient, and perfect for me who is
paranoid about being locked in (out) by a certain password manager.

However, I hate to type the full paths, because they are usually quite
long. bash-completion is nice, but still kind of slows me down.  The "find"
command is not very helpful because I have to type out the full path in
"show" even if there is only one match, and I cannot simply copy the "find"
output to "show" because it's a tree view instead of plain paths.

To make my experience with password-store even better, I have come up with
the idea of "fuzzy search", and implemented a proof-of-concept as an
additional option to the "show" command.  The option is "-f" or "--fuzzy".
When this option is present, the last arguments of the command line is no
longer considered the full path, but rather zero or more search strings,
for example:

$ pass show -f yelp kun

will list passwords paths that contain both "yelp" and "kun".  If only one
path is found, say "websites/www.yelp.com/arthur.kun at gmail.com", the
command continues as if

$ pass show websites/www.yelp.com/arthur.kun at gmail.com

were executed. Otherwise, the command lists all matches and exits. If more
than one matches are found, I can simply recall the previous command and
add an additional word to narrow down my search.

Other options like "-c,--clip" also works with "-f".

My change is on github (
It works great for me, and I would like to merge this feature upstream.
Please let me know if I need to make additional changes (e.g., tests and
man pages), or implement this in a different way.

Best wishes
Kun Zhang
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