[pass] Can't delete when using same name for file and folder

the_jinx at etv.cx the_jinx at etv.cx
Thu Feb 4 21:55:57 CET 2016


A QtPass user found an interesting bug or quirk in pass.

Here is what happens when you create a password file and folder with the 
same name.

$ pass add test-159
I enter "test”
$ pass add test-159/test
I enter "test 2”
$ pass test-159
It returns "test”
$ pass rm test-159
rm: /home/annejan/.password-store/test-159: is a directory

I also tested order of creation (first folder or first file) doesn't 
matter, you can do either.

When I find the time I’ll see if I can fix this behaviour in a nice way 
and create a patch,
perhaps pass should ask which one is meant, the file or folder?

	Anne Jan

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